Artists Aren't Lazy! We're just distracted.

It always happens during show week: my cabinets dwindle down to a few boxes of macaroni and cans of tuna because I didn't buy groceries- and I barely notice because I also forgot to eat. I put laundry in the washer and forget to start the machine- or, start the machine and forget to add the laundry. (Yea...that's happened more than once.) I set a tea kettle on the stovetop and five minutes later, wonder where on earth that high-pitched sound is coming from. I'll forget lunch dates with friends (which quickly taught me not to make social plans during production week) and, despite my best efforts, make silly mistakes at work.

Artists have a reputation for being lazy, flakey, or spacey. But as a group, they are some of the hardest- working people I know. We are constantly juggling how to make time for our art, our day jobs, friends, family, and relationships. That takes a SHIT TON of brain power and sometimes things like eating and showering fall through the cracks.

At any given moment, we're thinking about our next show, worried about funding, and wondering where we'll find rehearsal space next week. We're thinking about budgets, grants, contracts, storyboards, color palettes, tech specs, and marketing. Oh, and if we can't afford things like graphic designers and bookkeepers, we're doing that ourselves, too. We are equal parts Absent-Minded professor and Sleep-Deprived Entrepreneur.

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We're not lazy. We're not fuck-ups. Far from it, we are working our asses off to be able to do what we love and share it with you, our audience.